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Hello, sorry it’s been a while.

The summer’s nearly gone and I’ve been rather lazy about blogging. I do apologise, but it’s been pretty busy here and the time has just whizzed by.

We have been running a summer school for a Larchwood Primary School, which has kept us out of mischief every morning. It’s been great fun, teaching literacy and numeracy to a very keen group of fantastic children. I hope that they have had as much fun as we have! They have made us very proud.

What else? Well, we’ve been preparing for the Autumn term, as we already have events booked in with Jim Smith, Ian Whybrow, Abie Longstaff, A.F.Harrold and Nicholas Allan…phew, I’m exhausted just typing about it! We are so lucky to be supported by superb authors and so many keen schools and readers.

In very local news, I have become the ‘cluster leader’ for Ongar Road businesses. ‘The what?’ Well, in essence, what it means is that I am responsible for building up a sense of community amongst our fellow Ongar Road neighbours. Our main aim is to up footfall, through new initiatives and a renewed drive. I am increasingly confident that the group will be a positive force for all. If you are involved in a business on the Ongar Road and would like to find out more, please contact me at Chicken and Frog.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to really. Our tuition program kicks back to life from Monday 8th September, although the Friday 11+ class is recommencing on the 5th. There are very few spaces now available for tuition, so if you are looking for English, maths or 11+ tuition, do get in contact.

Here’s to the last few days of freedom, before school goes back!


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